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[On Demand Video Series]
Unlock Your Organization's Talent Potential

Join us for a series of groundbreaking conversations that will transform how you view talent acquisition and organizational effectiveness.

Unlocking Talent Potential: A Conversation with Caldwell Analytics

In this video, Chris Murdock, founder of IQTalent, and Todd Lingle, a seasoned partner at Caldwell Analytics, emphasize the crucial role of accurate selection processes, shedding light on the overlooked effects of poor hiring methods - from unexpected revenue impacts to hindrances in product development and marketing.

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Key Takeaways: 

  • The importance of matching the right person with the right job at the right time and how strong leadership can bring out the best in people.
  • A look at how jobs are filled, from posting the job to the final background checks, highlighting the need for careful planning from the start.
  • The use of advanced tools like Caldwell Analytics' Predictive Index to make sure candidates fit well with the job’s demands.
  • How IQTalent is changing the game by using AI to screen candidates more efficiently, making the hiring process better for companies and job seekers.

Whether you’re looking to improve your current processes or are in search of new strategies to attract and retain top talent, this series is an essential resource for every HR professional and Talent Manager.

Learn how to unlock the talent potential in your organization today.

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Navigate Recruitment Challenges

Practical advice on overcoming common obstacles in talent acquisition and ensuring a quality hire every time.

Leverage AI and Analytics

Insight into how AI and analytics can streamline your recruitment process and provide data-driven decision-making.

Psychometric Assessments

Learn from experts how to use tools like the Predictive Index to enhance succession planning, leadership development, and performance management.

Enhance Engagement and Profitability

Strategies to improve organizational performance through effective recruitment, leadership, and employee engagement.

The quality candidates and speed provided by IQTalent was best in class.

"The quality of the candidates (provided by IQTalent) and how quickly they forwarded those candidates through was best-in-class. The final cost was far less than the traditional (commission) model and far less than I expected."
Joe Connelly
Vice President of Worldwide Sales, XMOS