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Leading Strategies for Recruiting in Construction and Manufacturing

As the construction and manufacturing sectors boom, the hunt is on for top-notch professionals. However, snagging these high-rollers has turned into quite a challenge in recent years. 


Explore Surprising Recruitment Stats for Construction and Manufacturing

Despite their significant contributions to the global economy, both sectors are grappling with the shortage of skilled labor, which has quickly become a pressing concern.

91% of contractors struggled to fill positions last year, and manufacturers found it 36% harder to find the right talent compared to 2018, despite a nearly doubled unemployment rate.

Deep Dive Into the Current Pain Points in Construction and Manufacturing and Spot Opportunities To Revolutionize the Recruiting Process

With skills shortages and high turnover rates, organizations across the construction and manufacturing sectors are feeling the heat while trying to hire qualified individuals.

February 16, 2023

Navigating The Challenges Of Recruiting In The Construction Industry

Recruiting in the construction industry can be challenging, with low response rates and applicants often not meeting the requirements or being a good fit. This challenge is compounded when there is insufficient time to manage a large pool of applicants. 
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November 10, 2022

Recruiting In The Construction Industry: Tips From An Expert On-Demand Recruiter

The labor shortage continues to be an issue for recruiters, and it shows no signs of easing anytime soon. As construction jobs rise in demand, companies need to find ways to improve their strategy for sourcing and recruiting candidates in construction.

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August 3, 2023

How IQTalent Helped A U.S. Construction Giant Reinvent Its Talent Acquisition Strategy

In the cutthroat world of commercial and industrial construction , talent is more than an asset—it's a necessity. The right team can make or break a project, and for a company with a workforce of over 4,500 employees, finding the right fit can be a daunting task.
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July 27, 2023

We Need Your Insight: A Survey For Recruiters In Construction And Manufacturing

This isn't just a survey; it's an opportunity to amplify your voice, share your experiences, and help shape the future of recruitment within these sectors.
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Explore the Notable Highlights of Our Construction and Manufacturing Index

But that's just scratching the surface.

In reality, organizations are grappling with a plethora of industry-specific challenges when hunting for top talent. In the face of these obstacles, it's crucial for these industries to innovate their recruitment strategies.


Learn From the Masters of the Trade With Years of Experience in Construction and Manufacturing Recruiting, and Grab Actionable Tips and Strategies

The construction and manufacturing industries are morphing at breakneck speed.

The construction and manufacturing industries are morphing at breakneck speed.


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Win the Talent War: Strategies for Healthcare Recruiting in 2023

Learn from Industry Experts with Over 40 Years of Combined Experience

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Uncover How Innovative Strategies From IQTalent Have Paved the Way To Incredible Growth and Efficiency for These Construction Firms

The race for top candidates in construction and manufacturing recruitment is fierce. With companies and private practices vying for the best talent, standing out can seem like an uphill battle.

This major U.S. Industrial Contractor acquired over 40 new hires with an average cost per hire of 20% of new hire salary.

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A family-owned General Contractor hired a total of 17 new employees with an average salary of over $100,000 annually.

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Stay Ahead in the Competitive Labor Market of Construction and Manufacturing With the IQTalent Index for Unique, Industry-Specific Insights

Even though these challenges exist, there are proven techniques that construction and manufacturing organizations can leverage to overcome these roadblocks and successfully hire top-level talent.

Take the first step today to overcome the difficulties of recruitment in construction and manufacturing and unlock your unrealized potential in these industries.


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