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Improving the Employee and Candidate Experience for Distributed Workers

The Experience You Provide Employees and Candidates Speaks Volumes. What Does Yours Say?

As our world of work continues to revolve around technology and we seek out talent from all corners of the globe, focusing on "experience" will set you apart from the competition. In this presentation from HR Connect 2022, IQTalent’s Co-Founder and Chief Sourcing Officer, Chris Murdock, covers tips, tricks, and best practices for improving the experience at every stage of the employee life cycle.

Discover strategies to engage and retain your workers by exploring compliance, recruitment, corporate culture, and more!

By Watching This Session, You’ll Be Able To:
  • Discover how to improve distributed workers' employee and candidate experience
  • Unpack top strategies for engaging and retaining your workers
  • Explore and compare compliance, recruitment, and corporate culture
  • Embrace the skills and tools you already have to utilize best talent management practices

Improve Your Employee Experience

Get access to the session

See the Difference

Know what active and passive candidates are, and understand how they impact hiring.

Human Approach

Gain knowledge on job-seeker trends and how to humanize your candidates’ experiences.

Bolder Outreach

Understand how to add that personal touch while creating a captivating job description.

Refine Your Efforts

Maximize efficiency and impact by reaching candidates through preferred channels.

The quality candidates and speed provided by IQTalent was best in class.

"The quality of the candidates (provided by IQTalent) and how quickly they forwarded those candidates through was best-in-class. The final cost was far less than the traditional (commission) model and far less than I expected."
Joe Connelly
Vice President of Worldwide Sales, XMOS