A Guide To Humanizing Your Passive Sourcing

Add a Personal Touch to Your Sourcing Strategy and See the Results You’re Looking For

As sourcers, we know that the best placements come from a well-executed, thoughtful sourcing strategy. But with so much noise in the job market, how can we cut through the clutter and find the best candidates?

One way is to humanize our sourcing tactics. By developing strategies that take into account the modern job seeker’s motivations and preferences, we can create a more engaging experience — one that will encourage them to respond to our outreach. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best ways to humanize your passive sourcing approach.

In This Guide You Will Learn:
  • Why humanizing your passive sourcing strategy is so important.
  • Strategies for humanizing your passively sourcing processes.
  • Insight into building positive relationships with your passive candidates.

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