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The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Outreach

Demystify Outreach Tools, Both New And Familiar, To Provide A High-Level Outreach Experience To Candidates

Your first message to a potential candidate matters; the tone you set, the phrasing you use, the subject line you curate, and the details included in your message all contribute to the overall impression you give to a candidate. 

Against the background of ever-expanding recruiting tech and the many ways to reach out to candidates, it’s vital to look at the various types of candidate outreach. This guide will explore the most popular candidate outreach tactics and ways to set yourself up for success (and subsequent replies).

With This Guide, You'll Gain:
  • A refresher on both the familiar and newer kinds of candidate outreach
  • A renewed understanding of the purpose and benefits of each
  • Actionable tips to take your candidate outreach to the next level

Reach Out With Confidence

Get the Ultimate Guide to Candidate Outreach

See the Difference

Know what active and passive candidates are, and understand how they impact hiring.

Human Approach

Gain knowledge on job-seeker trends and how to humanize your candidates’ experiences.

Bolder Outreach

Understand how to add that personal touch while creating a captivating job description.

Refine Your Efforts

Maximize efficiency and impact by reaching candidates through preferred channels.

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