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Boolean Search Workbook

A very important aspect of crafting an effective sourcing strategy is your choice of search terms. At IQTalent, we’ve created a boolean search workbook to help you level-up your sourcing and recruitment game. Use this boolean search workbook to brainstorm on main terms, synonyms, and related words. Become an IQTalent expert with our workbook!

Get The Workbook

Download The Boolean Workbook

Traditional vs. Boolean

Understand what Boolean search is and why it greatly impacts your sourcing efforts.

Real World Examples

Read real-world examples solved with Boolean search and find ways to implement them into your sourcing.

Level-Up Sourcing

Create your own basic and advanced strings to assist you when looking for the right candidates.

Know Human Nature

Humans make mistakes. Use the Boolean method to make sure you gather ALL relevant candidates.

IQTalent Partners overproduced on every level.

"IQTalent overproduced on every level. I was able to leverage my internal resources effectively because of my confidence in their ability to find the candidates I needed. Their unique approach saved us time and money. IQTalent genuinely delivers on what their name promises: a partnership."
Scott Morris
Executive Vice President of People